Breaking down the Barriers to Creativity

Everyone runs into creative walls sometimes. Whether you’re a writer, a vice president of sales, or a politician, you’re going to be confronted with ideas and notions that will block your ability to reach the level of creativity that as task or project may desperately need.

These ideas and notions can also be called our accepted reality and what we see as “normal” and “real.”

I’ve been running into the creative problem of trying to figure out what I want this blog’s focus to be. I’ve been searching for a theme, a narrative thread to weave through every post on Veritable Plethora. Well, I haven’t found one yet. But I think I’m on to something with a focus on “interesting things.” Everyone likes interesting things. It worked for BoingBoing.

In an eye-opening, idea-rich post at Copyblogger (the site whose theme I am using here), Brian Clark writes about Ten Mental Blocks to Creative Thinking. He writes that instead of trying to inspire creativity, we should be cognizant of the reality that any blocks to creative thinking are in our heads–a space that we have quite a bit of control over.

At the risk of getting too Matrix on you, it’s important to question what is “real” and what is “normal” because these are societal constructs. Constructs that work well to create civilized societies of shared values and conformity, but constructs that can nonetheless be examined and even deconstructed.

If you don’t accept the “box” as real, then thinking outside of the box isn’t necessary.

Interesting, eh?

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2 Responses to Breaking down the Barriers to Creativity

  1. s. says:

    this is true…people do love “interesting things”…don’t forget cute things too :) and also i would have to agree that the things most blocking my creativity are totally in my head…i have a few fears and worries about some things (like failure!) and those totally zap all creative inklings floating around inside…bust. love your site. good luck with the theme :)

  2. Cherie says:

    Thank you very much for this thought provoking post. I am always looking for ways to up my creativity and get out there and create. There’s nothing worse than wanting to make something and not having the idea to do it.

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