5 Best “Interesting Stuff” Websites

Since VP is dedicated to thing of high interest (check the manifesto), for this post I wanted to compile a list of the best “interesting stuff” websites. These are the sites that you go to and find things that make you go, “What the…?” or “I didn’t know that was possible.”

These are the kinds of sites that you get forwarded by your friends or that you (literally) stumble across on stumbleupon and share with your bored work friends.

Never be bored again.

DeputyDog.com is a “frequently updated website dedicated to showcasing incredible examples of the world’s most fascinating architecture, inspirational design, phenomenal natural oddities.” Check out this post titled “Nine artists who will blow your mind.”

Dark Roasted Blend is a collection of weird and wonderful things updated daily. Check out this post with pictures of the world’s most dangerous roads.

WebUrbanist is all about urban design, culture, architecture, and alternative art. See this post with pictures of interesting street art.

UniqueDaily is exactly what it sounds like. Everyday there are a bunch of links posted that go to interesting videos and articles about a veritable plethora of topics.

VideoSift is a site with thousands of interesting, funny, and downright weird videos you might not otherwise see. These are the kinds of videos that launch a thousand forwarded emails.

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