Virgin’s Motorola Triumph Android on Sale, Save $40

Virgin Mobile’s Motorola Triumph, which is one of the best Android prepaid phones out there right now is currently on sale at Amazon.  You can get the phone for $259.99 plus shipping.  This is a savings of about $40 since the phone normally retails at $299.  With this phone, you will need to purchase one of the Virgin Unlimited plans that start at $35 per month for unlimited data and text with 300 minutes of talk time.  If you talk more than that, you will want to get a higher tier plan, which will cost more.  See the Motorola Triumph and several other Virgin Mobile smartphones that are ON SALE at

virgin mobile triumphSee all details of this phone and the unlimited plan at the official website below.

Specs of this phone (from Amazon)

  • 3G-enabled, Android-powered smartphone with 4.1-inch multi-touch display and access to wide range of Google mobile services
  • No monthly contracts with Virgin Mobile’s Beyond Talk unlimited data, text and voice plan (or by-the-minute PayLo plans)
  • 1 GHz processor; 5-MP camera/camcorder; Wi-Fi networking; Bluetooth stereo music; access to personal and corporate e-mail; GPS navigation and location services
  • Up to 4 hours of talk time, up to 72 hours (3 days) of standby time
  • What’s in the Box: handset, rechargeable battery, charger, 2 GB microSD card; quick start guide

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Online Straight Talk Smart Phone Deals

lg rumor 2 virgin mobileThe Top Cell Phone Deal in Prepaid This Week –> The best phone deal right now from Straight Talk is the Samsung t528g touchscreen cell phone.  This phone runs on the magnificent unlimited $45/month plan that runs on

–> Another deal running right now is the Samsung Galaxy S3 for only $299 — this is a savings of $100 on the normal price of this phone.  This is a great deal on a phone that comes with no contract!

–> The free phone deals are still running.  Head on over to the website to see which one is best for you — and if you don’t want a free one, maybe you want one of the high end phones currently available.

–> There are also some iPhone 4 and iPhone 5  models available as well with the unlimited plan for $45 per month, so you have some choices and flexibility whether you want an expensive phone or a super cheap or even FREE one :)

–> Get a free prepaid candybar or flip phone TODAY at the official site — click here.

Samsung Galaxy Precedent

Straight Talk iPhone 5 Released — Get an iPhone 5 (or 4 or 4S) and pair it with a Straight Talk Wireless unlimited plan.  See all the details on the best phones in the business and how you can save money on them with the Unlimited $45 per month prepaid plan from ST at

New Straight Talk Phone Deal: There’s a new phone in the Straight Talk Wireless roster.  It’s the BlackBerry Curve — that’s right folks, you can now get a BlackBerry phone with the Unlimited Straight Talk text, talk, and web plan.  It’s a great phone on a great plan and it only costs $129 brand new.  Get this phone at

Samsung Galaxy Precedent

Get one of the best deals out right now on the Samsung Galaxy Precedent for only $29 — see all details here.

Black Friday/Cyber Week/Holiday Phone Deal Updates

One of the best current prepaid phone deals available this Black Friday and Cyber Monday from Straight Talk is the Samsung Galaxy Precedent for only $69.99 — this is quite a markdown from when the phone was first released, but that’s what you would expect when a phone has been around for a little while.  In addition you also get a $20 gift card to spend how you choose. See this deal and more at

Samsung Galaxy PrecedentGet the Samsung Galaxy Precedent Android smartphone for only $69.99, plus get a $20 gift card just for the heck of it.  Click here!  Hurry, this deal ends soon!

A Couple More Deals

Another current Black Friday offer is one the Samsung t528g touchscreen phone.  Own it brand new for $49.99 (which is $50 off the normal price of $99).  This phone runs with the unlimited plan.  Learn more.

The best Android phone right now from ST is Samsung Galaxy S2 — one of the best droids from 2011.  See all the deals at

samsung galaxy s2

Get the Samsung Galaxy S2, the best phone currently available from Straight Talk online at

Straight Talk Wireless has what a lot of people call the best Unlimited prepaid plan in the business.  It only costs $45 per month for unlimited use (within reason, since there are a few documented cases where some people have had their accounts canceled for using enormous amounts of data).  You can also often find really good phone deals to pair with this plan which saves you even more money in the long run.

These deals are only available online at the official website.  Some of these deals involve free phones, which is always a nice thing.  It’s a good way to get a lot of bang out of your buck.  There are also a couple of android phones you might want to check out.  Straight Talk makes it easy to choose and buy a phone and select one of their two prepaid plans.  Shipping is usually free and you get your phone really quick.  When you want to refill your minutes, it’s easy to do so online. And you can even sign up for an automatic refill, which makes it very easy to make sure you will always have talk time.

Here are the current Straight Talk phone deals going on at

Free LG 220C or Motorola W418G flip phone, LG 620G slider or Samsung T401G slider with purchase of a $45 Unlimited refill – get this deal at

Free Samsung T401G slider with purchase of a 3 month Unlimited refill for $99.99 (reg $125.99) – get this deal at

Free  Motorola 418G flip phone or LG620G slider or Samsung T401G  slider with purchase of a $30 All You Need refill. – Get this deal at

Nokia E71 Symbian QWERTY (refurbished) $49.99 ($99.99 if new) – read more about Nokia E71 deals

Samsung Galaxy Precedent Android phone $124.99 with code DROIDUP (reg $149.99) – read more about Straight Talk Android Deals

Thanks for PrepaidPhoneNews for keeping us updated on all the current prepaid phone deals.  The Straight Talk phones are of particular interest to me because they have a killer prepaid plan.

optimus black specs imageSee the LG Optimus Black Android smartphone which is currently available from Straight Talk.  See all details, specs, price, and availability at

Another company banging out great phones right now is Net10 — well all of the phones aren’t the most amazing phones out there but they are truly viable for your business and for a prepaid plan.  See one here.  And see another one here.

straight talk lg optimus zip android smartphonesHurry up and get all the deals while they last.  In the case of Straight Talk and Net10, they will be over soon as inventory depletes and as the holidays start to end.  Now is a good time to get a good phone deal. It might be a great time to consider a prepaid no contract phone.  See all the deals at

Samsung Galaxy SII is one of the best phones from ST — and in fact in the prepaid business overall.  Great phone, great price!

samsung galaxy s2

Huawei Ascend Y – New Phone Release

There is a brand new phone that’s been released by Tracfone Straight Talk called the Huawei Ascend Y. You may remember the Huawei Ascend II phone that is still available for $99 from Straight Talk’s website, but the Y is a newcomer.  It’s an okay phone — not really anything to write home about.  But those looking for an affordable phone made in China may be into this badboy.  Personally, I’d go for the LG Optimus Black — but that’s just me! I also dig LG Optimus Zip and Samsung Galaxy Proclaim — two other really good phones.

Also, some great deals to be had from Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, MetroPCS, and Tracfone.

Latest Phones: The newest phones from Straight Talk are LG Optimus Quest ($149), BlackBerry Curve ($129), and LG Optimus Black ($249) — all three are super nice phones, it just depends how much money you want to spend on your next prepaid phone.  See all deals at

Louis CK might be the funniest comedian on the planet.  His delivery is perfect and everything he talks about is so well thought through and prepared that you just know he’s the hardest working guy in the business.  You have to respect a guy like that and now he has his won HBO special as a result of the hard work.  I wonder if he uses Straight Talk phones!

New phone out now — its the Samsung Galaxy SIII! Also check out all of the highly discounted cell phones now available with both the 1,000 minutes plan and the inimitable unlimited prepaid plan. Do it now and save a bunch of cash on your cell phone bill every single month. Multiply your savings by 12 and you’ll feel like a rich man or woman.

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Straight Talk Prepaid Phone Review: LG 290C

Two new Straight Talk phones have been released recently and both of them have a lot to offer.  One of them is the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim, the first Straight Talk phone to operate on Verizon (CDMA) networks.  This phone will work in many different locales.  You gotta love Verizon’s network.  The second phone is the LG Optimus Black Android phone.  This particular phone is the best one Straight Talk has in its arsenal right now.   Operating on the Unlimited Straight Talk plan, this phone is a winner.

Another phone operating on the $45 unlimited plan that you may like is the Samsung Galaxy S2, the most recent Straight Talk release — and it’s been lowered in price recently so you can have it at an even better deal.  It has the biggest screen, the best camera, and the fastest processor of any ST phone out right now.  See all details of this phone at

samsung galaxy s2Samsung Galaxy S2 is a brand new Straight Talk phone with a 4.7 inch touchscreen, an 8 megapixel camera, and a 1.2 ghz processor.  Get it today!

Buy any Straight Talk phone and get FREE Shipping!
If you’re interested in a Straight Talk Wireless plan, there are some good phones to use with the your selected plan.

I’ve written previously about the Samsung Finesse smartphone, which is the best phone ST offers currently, and the r451.

This post is about the LG290C, which is your basic slider phone and gives you the basic usage you would expect out of a phone of this caliber.  Learn more about pricing and availability of this phone at Straight Talk’s website.


Here are more features of this phone:

  • Mobile Web Services
  • Stylish Slider Phone Design
  • 1.3 Megapixel Camera
  • Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

Visit the official Straight Talk websites to check availability of this phone and the associated plans. Also, see the official website of TracFone, which is the company that owns ST.  See all of the current Straight Talk android phones and see all of the free shipping offers currently being offered over at the official website.

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Straight Talk iPhone 5c Price Drop — Save $150 — Plus More Straight Talk Deals

iphone straight talk prepaid phoneOK, folks, I have a lot for you today. There are at least five more ways to save money on your next Straight Talk cell phone when you read on down this list and check out the latest deals from this company. The most high profile deal is for the iPhone 5c, which has been marked down $150 to $400 for the phone with no contract and with the unlimited prepaid Straight Talk plan. Get this deal at the official website.

Free reconditioned LG 900G or Samsung R375C QWERTY phones when you purchase a one month plan (either $30 or $45)

Free reconditioned Samsung T528G touchscreen with unlimited month talk time plan ($45/month no contract)

LG Optimus Q (Sprint) Android QWERTY slider only $29.99

Samsung Galaxy S III (Verizon) Android phone marked down to $299.99 (save $100)

Apple iPhone 5 16 GB (Verizon) Android phone $400.00 (save $150 — best deal this week!)  Get this deal at

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