Boost, Virgin, Straight Talk iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

iphone-6-plus-prepaidSeveral prepaid companies will be offering the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on their unlimited prepaid phone plans.  This is great because you can pick and choose which prepaid provider you want to have your iPhone 6 with.  And there are a smattering of unlimited plans from which to choose. For instance Boost and Virgin have tiered plans you can choose from, while Straight Talk has its one unlimited plan.

Take a look at all of the plans and figure out which service you want your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus to run on.

Visit,, and for all the details on the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and the plans on which they run.  And you’ll be surprised at how much money you’ll save over a contract phone plan with the same phones.

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Should I Buy a Straight Talk iPhone 6?

straight-talk_logoI would definitely take a look at the iPhone 6 from Straight Talk.  It’s one of the best phones available right now and you can get it with a no contract unlimited plan.  Sounds perfect to me.  The only issue I see is that the iPhone 6 will cost you a bit more up front with a prepaid plan than it might if you were going to sell your soul for two more years to a contract company, so make sure you want the phone first.

But you will save a bunch of money in the long term so don’t be scared away by a higher up front phone price.  The phone subsidy racket is really just a trick to get you to sign a new contract!  See the new iPhone 6 at

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Straight Talk LG Optimus Q Android Phone

Update – Since I wrote this post a few months back, there have been some pretty big developments over at Straight Talk.  Primarily, we’ve seen some new Android phones added to the phone queue, and there are some quite impressive ones.  The first one (and the highest end phone available to date) is the LG Optimus Black.  This phone has been called “slim and bright” by reviewers because it is extremely slim and has a very bright touchscreen.  This phone is pairs with Straight Talk’s unlimited plan and it’s a pretty sweet match up.  Get LG Optimus Black at

lg optimus black android straight talkSamsung Proclaim and ZTE Merit

The other two new phones are the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim and the ZTE Merit.  Proclaim runs on the Verizon 3G network in some parts of the country which is good for people in those areas.  The phone is priced affordably and also runs the Unlimited Straight Talk plan.  ZTE Merit is the latest phone that’s been made available to be used with the same plan.  This phone is even a few bucks cheaper than Proclaim, but it still packs a pretty nice punch.  It’s a small phone and has a nice touchscreen.  It does a lot for the baby price.  Get this phone at the official site.

Straight Talk has released its second Android phone, the LG Optimus Q.  The first Straight Talk Android was released earlier this year and has been a popular phone for people looking for a prepaid Android phone (a phenomenon that is becoming a lot more common).  Straight Talk’s LG Optimus Q joins the Samsung Galaxy Precedent, giving the popular prepaid provider two Android options.

lg optimus q android straight talk

The LG Optimus Q runs on Android 2.3, while the Samsung Precedent runs on 2.2, so it is slightly more updated (but not too much).  One of the biggest differences is that the phone has a slide-out keyboard, which is a big difference for people who prefer to have a full touchscreen phone.  The Optimus Q has a touch screen, but for messaging, the pull out keypad is what you’re going to want to use.  The Precedent has a 3.2 inch touchscreen (like the “Q”), the Q is also blessed with a slightly better camera (3 mps vs 2 mp).

Both phones run on the Straight Talk Unlimited plan, which costs $45 per month for unlimited talk, text, and web.  It’s a solid plan and one that works very well with these two data-hungry Android devices.  These phones are both currently available at good prices with no contracts since they run on prepaid plans.  You can see more details for both of these phones at the official website by following the link below.  You can also read a review on this site of the Samsung Precedent.  The Samsung Precedent costs $129 for the phone and it runs on the $45 unlimited plan just like all of the Androids on Straight Talk.  Tracfone owns ST and also its sister company, Net10, which also has some of the same smartphones.  They also have a $50 unlimited plan, but it’s a little more expensive than the ST one.

Learn more about both new Android phones at

More around the web on Straight Talk’s LG Optimus Q:


Prepaid Reviews

Straight Talk Promo Codes

The latest Android phones to be released by Straight Talk are LG Optimus Black, Samsung Galaxy Proclaim, ZTE Merit, and Huawei Ascend ii (which only costs $99 for a brand new version of the phone).  See all of these new Android no-contract phones online with their particular deals at

LG Optimus Q Reconditioned Phone Deal

The Optimus Q can be purchased for only $79.99 for a reconditioned version of the phone right now (this update was made on 7/22/2012).  It’s a pretty good Android phone.  Many would call it an entry level phone — and at $79 for a reconditioned phone, it’s a pretty good deal for a solid android phone that runs on an award winning unlimited prepaid no contract no commitment pay as you go plan that only costs $45 per month.  Have a look at all of the current phone deals at

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Motorola Moto G Review

Motorola Moto G costs $179 off contract, which is a truly amazing deal. This is a very very low price for an off-contract cell phones. But is it cheap because there’s something missing? Watch the video to see what the Moto G has in store.

Republic Wireless is a new prepaid player in town — you can say they are the good looking guys who come to your party, drink all the beer, and leave with the hot chicks.  Get unlimited talk time, text, and web for $19 per month no contract.  See details on new player Republic Wireless here.

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