Updated Deals from Straight Talk, Net10, and Tracfone

boost mobile kyocera hydro phoneSee all of the latest and greatest deals from several top brands in the prepaid wireless world at our newly updated pages for each brand.

See all the new Straight Talk Wireless phone deals, including free phones, here.

See all the new Net 10 deals, including free phones, here.

See all the new Tracfone deals, including discounted android devices, here.

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Lumia Icon vs Lumia 1020 – Compare These Phones

This is a comparison video of Lumia Icon and Lumia 1020. Which device do you prefer and why? Leave us comments with your opinions. Would you consider buying one of these phones or not?

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iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 from Straight Talk Prepaid

Latest Straight Talk iPhone Deal: Get the iPhone 4 for $350 or iPhone 5 reconditioned for $400.  The best thing about these two phones is that they operate on the $45 unlimited talk, text, and web plan from Straight Talk.  If you had one of these phones through Verizon or AT&T, you would pay $80 per month.  You save some money using these phones on a prepaid plan.  Plus, you have no two year commitments, which is a nice freedom to have.  See all details at StraightTalk.com.

iphone 4 on virgin mobile

Straight Talk iPhones Available Now — There are three iPhones available with top prepaid brand Straight Talk Wireless.  The iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5 are all available right now from StraightTalk.com.

These phone all run on the unlimited $45 per month plan.  Learn more about pricing and availability at the official site.

There are also some android phones available from Straight Talk Wireless. One of them — the best one in fact — is the Samsung Galaxy s3. Get this phone or just see more details and specs at StraightTalk.com.

Straight Talk Video Review — Watch a video comparison of the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim and LG Optimus Zip below.

Another new phone added to the ever expanding list of android phones coming to prepaid is the Samsung Galaxy S4. The phone costs $600 approximately and runs with the unlimited plan. It’s also now available from Net 10 wireless for the same price.  You should also take a look at Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, and Republic Wireless in order to make sure you get the best possible deal, but I still do like the Straight Talk Wireless plans.

Another Straight Talk Deal — Free Phones!  Yes, Free!  Do you like FREE? I know I do?  OK, sure, these are going to be lower end phones.  Give one to your son or a friend.  Only half kidding.  But seriously, if you’re looking for a decent affordable phone, this might be a very good option for you take advantage of.  See all the free phones available right now at StraightTalk.com.

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Nokia E5 for Straight Talk Now only $149

Low Priced Phones and Free Phones –> Get the Nokia E5 for only $9.99 with the special offer currently available from Straight Talk Wireless.  In addition to this deal, there are several other free prepaid phone offers available right now at StraightTalk.com

iphone straight talk prepaid phoneGet the brand new iPhone 5 from Straight Talk Wireless — this is a really nice phone — in fact one of the best and most popular in the world.  And now it comes with an amazing unlimited prepaid plan.  See all details at StraightTalk.com.

iphone 4 on virgin mobile*The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are also available right now with the unlimited plan at the official ST Wireless site.  We will see if the iPhones become available on tracfone and net10, which would really make things interessting.

New Straight Talk Phone Deals: See both new phones over at the official site — the first one is LG Optimus Quest, which doesn’t really do much for me although it’s a nice little phone, but the second one is the one I really like — it’s the BlackBerry Curve — and yes, this is the first time Straight Talk has utilized a BB phone on its unlimited plan.  If you’re interested in this phone see the low price and if it’s available in your area at StraightTalk.com

Another option is LG Optimus Quest, which at $149.99 won’t break the bank — and by the way the Nokia E5 is now available for $79 — see all of the juicy goodness at StraightTalk.com


Nokia E5 is now actually only $79 brand new at the official site.  Another great deal is on the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim (admittedly my favorite phone from Straight Talk).  Right now it’s only $149 brand new.  Get phones, great deals.  See all of them at StraightTalk.com.

LG Optimus Black is now also available at the official website — you also get free shipping with the purchase of this phone.  It’s one of the best phones ST has available at the moment. See all details at StraightTalk.com

Another deal running right now is the for the Android phone LG Optimus Q — for a refurbished model of this phone, you will only pay $79.99 (a savings of $100) — get this deal at StraightTalk.com

Here is a video of the brand new Straight TAlk LG Optimus Extreme in action. It helps me to see videos of these phones because I get a good look at how the phones actually look in someone’s hands.
straight talk nokia e5The Nokia E5 Straight Talk smart phone is now only $149, after being reduced from a price tag that was closer to $200.  This is not a bad price at all for the phone that comes with a full qwerty keypad, web browsing, multiple email account management, instant messaging, free navigation app, 5 megapixel camera, music player, and wifi.  Clearly, Nokia E5 is a good phone for anyone who wants to use Straight Talk’s Unlimited prepaid plan and wants a nicer higher end phone to use with it.

If you want to browse the web to your heart’s content and check your email as often as you want (which the unlimited plan allows you to do), you should have a look at the Nokia E5 smart phone–especially at this price and with the plan it runs on.

See all details at StraightTalk.com

Smart Phone Deals

Straight Talk also has another deal on its smartphones.  The Nokia E71 and Nokia 6790 are both on sale at the official site for only $49 for reconditioned versions of the phones.  These phones are as good as new and work well paired with the unlimited Straight Talk plan.  This is a solid offer that won’t be around for very long. Learn more at StraightTalk.com

New Android

The new LG Optimus Black is the brand new Straight Talk Android phone that comes with the Unlimited text, talk, and data plan running on Straight Talk right now.  The Black is the best phone available from ST yet.  See it at the official site where you can get it sent to you with free shipping.  Black has a remarkably bright touch screen, a very thin profile, and a fun and easy user interface.  It’s by far the best Straight Talk phone on the market right now.  Have a look at it at the official website.

lg optimus black android straight talkYet Another Straight Talk Android

Straight Talk’s Samsung Galaxy Proclaim is the latest Android phone (after the Black) to be released onto the Straight TAlk Unlimited plan.  This phone is totally within reach as it is only priced at $179.99 and runs on the Verizon network that Straight Talk piggybacks on in certain parts of the country.  In fact, it’s the only Android that does run on the Verizon network.  Get this phone at StraightTalk.com.

Free Straight Talk Phones

If you don’t want to shell out the dollars it will cost you to get one of the Android phones listed above, you can instead take advantage of one of the free Straight Talk phones being offered right at this moment.  In addition to these free phones, there are a few other very good deals online at the moment.  I often check the site and the latest deals and offers are usually right there on the phone sales page.  You don’t need to scurry around to other coupons websites in order to find the best deals, and you won’t generally find them on Amazon or other shopping websites–you’ll find them right at the source, the official website StraightTalk.com

All of Straight Talk’s android phone must be run on the unlimited $45 per month plan from ST.  They only work on the one plan, which is the only catch.  But in reality, you’re going to want to have the unlimited plan anyways because they serve the android platform best.

See more deals on Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, and Tracfone at our deals pages at the top of the navigation bar.  Have a look and make sure to consult our guide before you buy your next phone.

boost mobile kyocera hydro phone

Find a bunch of really good deals on our Tracfone Deals page and our virgin Mobile page too.

iphone 4 letter

Get the iPhone 5 from Straight Talk and Start Saving  Money on Your Phone Bill — See the iPhone 5, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S on the official Straight Talk website.  This phone is truly a beauty to behold, but it won’t be for long since the new iPhone 5c is coming soon.  Still, it’s super fun to see all of the new android and high end smartphones popping up on prepaid plans.

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