iPhone 5 on Straight Talk Wireless Unlimited Plan

Take a look at the video above of Straight Talk’s iPhone 5. You will see that it’s just like any other iPhone — except there is one big difference. This iPhone 5 runs on the Straight Talk Wireless Unlimited plan, which is very affordable and very comprehensive. Check out all the juicy details about this new phone release at Straight Talk’s iPhone 5 page.

There are several different iPhone variations available from Straight Talk including iPhone 4, 4s, and of course, iPhone 5, which I mentioned above.  See all the details on the benefits of owning an iPhone that’s prepaid instead of on a contract by clicking here.

Also, just in, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is now available for sale at Straight Talk. This is great news. Take a look at this amazing phone at the official website and see if it’s one of the ones you want to take a look at and purchase for your prepaid plan.  Have fun.

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Tracfone Phone Deals, Promo Code, Samsung S380c, and Huawei Glory – Deals!

Use the latest promo code from Tracfone — it’s FRIEND1 — use it to get $5 off any phone or phone plus airtime bundle priced (must be $9.99 or more in price for the promo code to work).

In other Tracfone news, the company recently released some new Android devices on the official website.  This is huge news and means that now you can get higher end phones on your super affordable Tracfone minutes plan.  This is the merging of two worlds and truly the world of prepaid will never be the same.  See the new phones at Tracfone.com

Samsung S380C reconditioned triple minutes QWERTY phone — $9.99 ($39.99 when brand new)

Huawei Glory — Android phone — $79.99 (used to be $99.99)

ZTE Valet — Android phone $79.99 (used to be $99.99)

See more details on each of these deals at Tracfone.com

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4 New TracFone Promotions

Tracfone always has some new deals rolling out — take a look at some of these ones and see if they are up your alley.

htc one sDeals for Tracfone this week:

Motorola EX124G refurbished touchscreen $29.99 with free 60 minute card — See all details on this phone and other deals at Tracfone.com.

LG 800G touchscreen phone with double minutes for life $29.99.  Plus get a 60 minute card – See both deals at Tracfone.com.

tracfone one year cardUpdate 3/28/2013.  There are a few solid Tracfone deals running right now.  In particular, the triple minutes for life deals are the ones I really like to snatch up like low lying fruit when they are available.  See all the current deals here.

Updated 3/16/2013.  TracFone has several promotions going on right now that might tickle your fancy.  If you’re looking for a new phone, you can get one free as there are two on the free chopping block right now.  See these deals here.   There is also a deal for the LG 800g phone, where you can save $10 on the purchase price of this phone.

Tracfone is one of the most entrenched prepaid wireless brands in the United States.  There are few brands that are well known, and there are few brands that have as many consistently running deals as Tracfone.  There is always a new deal.  There is always a new promotional code designed to save you money!  This is what I really like about Tracfone.

double minutes for life tracfoneTracFone’s Straight Talk brand is released a brand new Android phone, which is in addition to the last three smart phones the company has released.  The Nokia E5 is probably the best out of the recent releases.  Read a review of the Nokia E5 vs the Nokia E71 (which is another of the newly unveiled phones from ST).  The Android Straight Talk phone has a lot of people excited, me included.  I can’t wait to see how this phone is received, because if it’s received well and people like it, it means they will probably release more Android handsets on prepaid plans.

nokia e5 straight talkNokia E5 from TracFone Straight Talk

So I just got finished writing a post telling you that the best place to find the most current and up to date TracFone promotions, deals, and codes is on the official website, TracFone.com, and I went over to the site and found four new promotions that you can easily see for yourself at TracFone.com. I guess I proved myself right.

Before we jump into the promotions, I wanted to update this post and let you readers know that there is a brand new touch screen TracFone phone.  It’s not a smartphone, but it has a nice screen and some really nice features.

Offer 1:
Get 60 Bonus Minutes when you Buy 200
TracFone Promo Code: 74316

Offer 2:
Get 80 bonus minutes when you buy a 450 minute card
TracFone Promo Code: 80804

Offer 3:
Get 200 bonus minutes with the one year service card (400 minutes)
TracFone Promotional Code: 77714

Offer 4:
Automatic Service Renewal
Basically you enroll in an automatic billing type thing. There are really no extra benefits other than that it is automated, which can be very convenient if you need this type of thing.


See all these offers at TracFone.com

New TracFone Phones

LG 500 TracFone Phone

LG 800G TracFone Phone

Straight Talk Nokia E5 Smart Phone

Straight Talk Touch Screen Phones

If you are interested in keeping up on prepaid phone news, I suggest that you subscribe to this website.  It will help you find the best deals in prepaid.  Saving money is always great so climb aboard!  If you can find a TracFone deal that comes with double minutes for life, that’s always optimal.  Throughout the life of the phone, you will receive one free minute of talk time for every minute you purchase.

Straight Talk TouchScreen Phone

Straight Talk also has a new touchscreen phone out, the Samsung t528g.  It’s a nice little phone and is quite a bit less expensive than the several smartphones available with the plans.  Furthermore, you can use this phone with either the Unlimited or the 1,000 minutes plan–whereas with the Nokia E71, 6790, or E5, you can only use the unlimited plan.  You have more latitude in your options which might be a good thing.  Have a look at this Straight Talk touchscreen phone.

samsung t528g straight talk

More on TracFone:

TracFone and Straight Talk in the News

Customer chooses Straight Talk over MetroPCS and Boost Mobile

There are a bunch of really good offers from TracFone Wireless.  All you have to do to claim them is have a look at the official website.

Check out Some Other Prepaid Phone Deals

If you still are not sold on Tracfone or any provider yet, see some of the best deals available right now from Virgin, MetroPCS, Straight Talk, and Net10 in addition to what Tracfone has come up with.  Another company, Consumer Cellular, has been hitting my radar lately.  I’ve been trying to figure out how to get more coverage on this company since I don’t generally hear too much about it.  But look forward to more coverage on this company coming very soon.  New tracfone deals are currently available.

optimus black specs image

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Samsung Galaxy Proclaim on Straight Talk Prepaid

New Phone Out Now –> Straight Talk iPhone 5 is now out and available brand new or reconditioned (for $150 cheaper) at the official website.  See all details at StraightTalk.com

Samsung Galaxy Proclaim is one of the top sellers from Straight Talk and you can’t go wrong with it in terms of price and the options is has.  Running on the unlimited plan, Proclaim is one of the top Straight Talk androids available today.  See more details on this phone and any discounts there may be running on it here.

samsung galaxy proclaim android*I love this phone — let me just get that out of the way.  To me, Samsung Proclaim from Straight Talk Wireless is right at the intersection of affordability, usefulness, cool factor, and of course great service all in one package.  The phone is available with the unlimited talk, text, and web plan for a new low price at StraightTalk.com

The Samsung Galaxy Proclaim is a new prepaid Android phone released by Straight Talk.  It runs on the Unlimited plan.  Android phones are really catching on in the prepaid phone business, which is a really good thing.  The Proclaim has a nice touchscreen, a good camera, and a nice look.  Plus it runs on the amazing unlimited Straight Talk plan.  Click here to see if Samsung Proclaim is available where you live.  This is my favorite phone from Straight Talk and it’s probably the most popular one out right now if the sales figures are any indication!  See all details at StraightTalk.com

straight talk samsung galaxy proclaim androidBy the end of 2012 it is predicted that 18 percent of the world’s population will own a smart phone; that is approximately 1.2 billion smart phone owners. As technology increases the benefits of having a smart phone begin to outweigh the slight cost. You can now use your smart phone for a host of applications and uses in your everyday life that used to take seven or eight devices. The only hard part now is deciding which smart phone on what service is right for you, and if you are on any kind of budget and want a great phone at a great price with little to no sacrifices. If that is the case, then Samsung Galaxy Proclaim on Straight talk is the phone and company for you.  See if this phone is available in your area at StraightTalk.com


Straight Talk’s New Android

The Samsung Galaxy Proclaim is one of Straight Talk’s newest line of smart phones and comes with everything you need and more throughout your day. You can set your alarm on your phone to wake up, and then check your calendar to plan your day, afterwards you can text your friends to make sure they know what is going on, then you check the weather, get directions, and maybe even read the latest news from China; all before getting out of bed.  And this is all on a prepaid Android smartphone.  Learn more about this phone at StraightTalk.com

Features to Fit your Needs

The Samsung Proclaim features a 1 gigahertz processor which is comparable to the iPhone processing speed and allows you to multi-task your applications and programs without having any delay. It also comes with a great definition 3 MP camera and video recorder which gives you the ability to physically capture all the great moments that happen and then upload them to Facebook, email them to family, or just text them to all your friends. One of the main features is that it comes with advanced GPS capabilities; this eliminates the need for a GPS as you can use your phone to guide you through the streets easy and seamlessly as if you have lived there your whole life. With other great features like MicroSD card slot, Bluetooth technology, MP3 player abilities, speech to text programs, and a standby battery life of sixteen days; you truly have you everything you need and more all in the palm of your hand.  Check to see if this phone is available in your area at StraightTalk.com

samsung proclaim android details and purchase info


With all of these great features, the best ability that a smart phone like this one contains are the applications. With the Google Play store integrated in every phone, you can log onto the market place and find an app for all of your needs. From recipe books, advanced calendars, games, and even books and movies you can purchase right on your phone; you can find exactly what you need while never even needing to spend money on them. Of all these apps, there are three note-worthy applications that make this phone truly great.

Banking Apps

Every major bank from chase to Wells Fargo now has supported apps for android operating systems. These make it incredibly easy to check your balance, find local branches, and some of them even support taking pictures of your checks to deposit them instead of going into your bank.

samsung proclaim straight talk androidGoogle Maps

Google Maps allows you to search the area for streets, businesses, malls, and even parks. Once you find what you are looking for, you just select the item in the app and hit the direction button and your phone will come life and begin guiding you to your desired location.

Pandora Radio

One of my favorite apps that works on the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim from Straight Talk is Pandora radio.  Whether you are stuck at home or your car simply doesn’t have a working radio, the Pandora radio app gives you high quality radio straight to your phone. With a huge database of music, you just select a song you like, or genre and Pandora creates your own personalized radio station for you and your friends to enjoy.

A Plan to Best Fit You

With all these great applications to download and use the only limiting factor becomes your data plan. Most companies offer only a limited amount of data each month, and begin charging you large amounts of money for going over that limit. For Straight Talk’s smart phone plan, you pay $45 up front for the month and get unlimited Text, Talk, and Data. Since you pay up front you know that there are going to be no hidden fees or charges that are going to break your wallet. With Straight Talk’s great coverage you know that you won’t be searching for bars or constantly out of service, giving you everything that Sprint or AT&T give you at half the price.

So for the person who is trying to stay on budget, but still wants a great Android phone on an affordable plan, then be sure to check out Straight Talk. They have the phones you want, the coverage you need, and a price you can pay.

Other Straight Talk phones currently available are ZTE Merit and LG Optimus Black, to name two of them.  Both are good options that vary drastically in price and functions.  Learn more about all available prepaid phones at the official website.  Have a look at the website, take your time and study the phones, watch a few videos on youtube (which is my favorite way to learn more about phones and see how they actually operate in someones hands), and think about what kind of phone you want next.  It’s clear to me that a prepaid phone should be a prerequisite at this point in time because why pay for a contract that locks you into servitude when you don’t need to.  It’s not enough any more to sign a contract just to get a discounted phone.  You should have cellular phone service your way.

Newer Verizon Phone

The rumor is that there’s another Verizon Android phone coming soon — the LG Optimus Zip.  In fact, Optimus Zip is already available in some Walmart locations across the country and it should soon be available on the official website (if it is indeed going to be released online, which it seems like it should).

Samsung Galaxy S2 is another brand new phone from Straight Talk — and it’s the best phone the company has had in its short time yet.  Samsung Galaxy SII was one of the best Android phones from last year, so if you are looking for a new android phone with a prepaid plan, this could be an option.  Have a look at this phone at the official site and see if it’s available in your area.

More Phone Deals

Net10 also has the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim running on its proprietary unlimited prepaid plan.  This plan costs $50 per month and gives the user unlimited texting ability, unlimited talk, and unlimited data — but of course there is some throttling after a certain amount of all of these things.  It wouldn’t be possible any other way — but you get really good service.  I like the Proclaim on Net10, but I prefer it with Straight Talk.  The price is the same for the phone although Net10′s service costs slightly more. See all details at the official net10 site.  I like Net10′s service, but I am more partial to what Straight Talk does.

New Android No Contract Phones

boost mobile kyocera hydro phone

The newest Straight Talk phone is the LG Optimus Extreme Android.  It’s a hot little phone that runs on Android 4.0 and the unlimited Straight Talk plan.

Get started with this cool little phone at the official Straight Talk site.  One of the deals going on is for Samsung Precedent, an android phone with a ton of cool things going for it.  It’s on sale for $69 plus you get a gift card.  The gift card may not be available any more because these are temporary offers, but needless to say there is probably a new offer to take its place.  This is how Straight Talk and indeed many other prepaid providers do things these days.  It’s a competitive environment out there, so keep your eyes out for hot deals.

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