Straight Talk’s $99 Prepaid Smart Phones

nokia 6790 straighttalkSee the latest deals on Straight Talk cell phones at  One of the best phones to have a look at is LG Optimus Black, which is one of the top phones from this company.  There are also a couple of free phones available right now.  Click here to see which phones are free in your area.  One of the hottest deals running is for the phone you see in the picture above — Nokia 6790.  Get it at its lowest price yet at by clicking here.

Huawei Ascend II

Get the brand new Huawei Ascend II (just released) at the official Straight Talk website for only $99. This phone runs on the Unlimited prepaid Straight Talk plan. It’s a nice little phone at a killer price (and remember there’s no contract, which is a huge plus). Get this phone at

LG Optimus Black

Another phone that you may like (but it costs a little bit more than $99) is the lg optimus black.  And the reason it costs a little bit more than $99 is because it’s the best prepaid android phone on Straight Talk’s unlimited plan yet.  It has the best screen, it has the best microprocessor, it has the best camera, and in my opinion, it has the best look.  Download all the apps you want from the app marketplace and use your phone for playing games like Angry Birds and listening to music on Pandora.  Learn more about lg optimus black at

optimus black android phone lg

Above is an image of LG Optimus Black — click it to learn more about this phone.

Samsung t528g is another nice phone from Straight Talk that’s only $99.  And you can actually buy a used version of t528g for only $29.99.  I personally prefer the Android devices I mentioned above if you’re looking to spend just about $99.  If you’re willing to spend a little bit more, another option is the ZTE Merit which costs $129 and runs on the unlimited plan too.  If you can stomach spending even more, the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim is a good option and runs on the Verizon network, which is pretty darn cool.  But if you want the absolute best phone from this company, you’re going to have to break out your wallet and drop about $300 for the LG Optimus Black, which just might be worth it for the processing power and the beautiful screen.  Learn more at

nokia 6790 image frontStraight Talk has done it again.  By done it again, I mean that they have released another really good deal.  They seem to do this every other week at least.  It keeps things exciting for people of the prepaid persuasion like me.  I like prepaid phones because of the freedom.  And I like Straight Talk because of the epic unlimited plan and the aforementioned deals that pop up all the time.  First a couple of weeks ago we heard about the new Android phone, the LG Optimus 2X that’s coming very soon to a Straight Talk website near you.

- The picture above is the Nokia 6790, available for only $99 at

Fastest Straight Talk Phone Yet

This phone promises to be the fastest ST phone yet, so we can’t wait to get out hands on it.  It has 4G speeds, a glorious screen, and an 8 megapixel camera (which we likey alot).  You will be able to get it at when it comes out.  If interested, read my article with more details about this phone here.  But before I get more sidetracked and go off about all of the cool things Straight Talk Wireless has up its sleeve, let me get to the purpose of this article.  We are here to talk about the brand new offer of the Nokia E71 and Nokia 6790 for only $99 for brand new phones.

Two Prepaid Smart Phones Under $100

This is a great deal and the lowest I’ve seen these phones offered for new phones not refurbished ones.  This is an awesome deal and if you’re looking for a great medium level phone with a really good prepaid plan, the Nokias E71 and 6790 will set you straight and you no wrong.

Get your $99 smart phone here

Here’s the E71 (click the pic to learn more)

Here’s the 6790 (click the pic to learn more)

nokia 6790 straight talk phoneVerdict

At a price of only $99 for each of these phones with Straight Talk, you really can’t go wrong. With either of them. These are good quality phones that will let you check email, download apps, browse the web (in an unlimited capacity at that), and do all kinds of other things all on the unlimited ST plan that costs only $45 per month.  These phones are prepaid so you can cancel at any time and there’s no commitment–but you probably won’t want to cancel any time soon once you get rolling on the unlimited plan.  Unless of course you decide on one of the new Android phones: either the LG Optimus Q, which is a hot one, or the LG Optimus 2X, which is an even hotter Android.

Straight Talk’s new Android phone, the LG Optimus 2x (click the pic to learn more)

straight talk android lg optimus 2x phoneStraight Talk has a lot of options for all kinds of cell phone users.  If you don’t really care about what phone you use and you just want to save as much money as possible and because you don’t really use your phone that much socially, then you can pay as little as $10 and even get a free phone when the promotions are running.  In fact, the free promotion is running right now on two cell phones, so if you’re interested in these, you can see them on the official Straight Talk site.  Click here to see these deals.

samsung galaxy precedentThe currently listed Android phones have a little promotion going on right now too.  Above, you will see an image of the Samsung Galaxy precedent, which is one of the two Android phones that you can get from Straight Talk with free overnight shipping.  Okay, so it’s not that exciting of a promotion, but it will save you $15 and you will get your phone a lot faster than you would otherwise through snail mail.  Learn more at

There are deals to be had from Straight Talk, so if you’re looking for a new prepaid phone for yourself or a friend or you just need an extra emergency phone to use every once in a while, have a look at these great offers on the Nokia E71 and 6790.

New Low Prices

You can now buy the Nokia E71 and the Nokia 6790 for only $49, which is a new low price for both of these smartphones.  Nokia E5 is now available (used) for $39.99 which is a drastic price reduction from the $149.00 it costs to buy a brand new one.  Get one of these deals at

New Android Phone

The newest Android smartphone to come from ST is the LG Optimus Zip — the second Verizon phone to be released to this provider.  See all of the latest news at the official site.

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Prepaid iPhone 5 Available Now from Straight Talk Wireless

Go get your prepaid iPhone 5c today at Straight Talk Wireless, one of the leading prepaid wireless companies, for only $400.  This phone usually costs $550 but has been marked down $150 for a limited time only.  Take advantage of this deal today at the official website — go to The unlimited plan only costs $45 per month, which is at least $20 cheaper than what you would have to spend with Verizon Wireless’ contracts.

samsung-galaxy-siii-straight-talk-wireless-dealNew Prepaid Phone Release –> Straight Talk has the beautiful and light weight iPhone 5 on its roster now, which means you can use the iconic and amazingly light and well-designed phone with a super affordable unlimited plan.  See all details on the brand new iPhone 5 for Straight Talk at the official site,

–> In case you’re wondering, the phone at above left is the Samsung Galaxy S3, which is now available with the unlimited prepaid $45 plan from prepaid provider

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S

iPhone 5 Hammer Drop and Knife Scratch Test

iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 (another phone on Straight Talk Wireless now too)

iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 from EverythingApplePro

Samsung Galaxy s3 is now available too at the official Straight Talk Wireless website.  I like the phone and while it may not be as impressive as the iPhone 5, I think there are a lot of people who just prefer the Samsung product to the Apple one.  At any rate, you can find both of them at the site if they are available in your region of the country.

And then there’s this just for fun…

You should also know that you can get some free phones from Straight Talk.  With the purchase of a one month talk time plan from STW, you can get a free Samsung Galaxy Proclaim or a free Nokia E5 right now.  The free phones totally depend on where in the country you are.  If you live in California, you will have a different selection than you will if you live in Alabama.  You will have a different selection in southern California than you will in Northern California.  It’s a mixed bag — check out the site and see.

Good news right folks?  Well if you like nice phones, then it’s good news for all of you out there.  iPhone 5 on the Straight Talk Wireless plan.  Now, it’s been announced that iPhone 5c and 5s are both available on these award winning unlimited plans as well.  All of the details and pricing information are available at the official website.  See all of the details above.

Have you heard of Republic Wireless yet?  This is a wireless company that provides unlimited prepaid service starting at $19 per month.  The most popular plan costs only $25 per month and there is even a plan that only runs at $5 per month and the phones at the Moto X and one more.  They use wifi connectivity to keep the prices low.  See more in an article I wrote about this brand here.

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Straight Talk Phone Covers

Straight Talk has some big news — they have just released the iPhone 5c onto their prepaid unlimited plan. This is a really good phone — in fact, it’s the best phone they have ever had. See all details about this phone at

iPhone 5, 4, and 4S have all been added to Straight Talk’s unlimited plan and are all now available at the official site.  Check out all the specs and available models online today!!!!

samsung galaxy s2Straight Talk has been putting in work you might say — they’ve released several good Android options over the previous month or two and it doesn’t look like they’re going to stop there. First, ST added the LG Optimus Black to its lineup, and this turned out to be perhaps the best phone Straight Talk has released up to this point. See full LG Optimus Black specs. Then they released the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim, which is their first Verizon-powered Android phone. See full Proclaim specs. Then they released ZTE Merit, which has gotten pretty good reviews and praise for its affordability. See full ZTE MErit specs. Following closely on the heels of the Merit, Huawei Ascend II was added to Straight Talk’s lineup at a bargain basement price of $99 for a brand new phone. See full Huawei ascend specs.
zte merit android straight talk phone
The above image is ZTE Merit, part of the latest crop of Straight Talk Android phones that work with the Unlimited plan. Click the above image to learn more.

Straight Talk has a couple of nice promos going on right now.  There is a great smartphone called the Nokia E5 that you can scoop up with an unlimited plan for a good price.  Two other smartphones are being sold on the website at discounted prices for reconditioned versions of the phones (nokia e71 and 6790).  The new android straight talk phone comes out soon too, so keep your eyes open for it.

If you’re looking at Straight Talk Android phones, you might as well have a look at all of them. This is the best way to ensure that you get the best phone for you. Keep in mind that all of these phones work on the unlimited prepaid plan — the plan costs $45 per month. Two phones to look at are LG Optimus Zip and LG Optimus Black (clearly both from the Optimus line of phones which are hugely popular in the prepaid world probably because they are a median level Android smartphone on all kinds of prepaid plans). See all of the current phones and deals available at the official site.

See all of the brand new Straight Talk phones and Androids at

- Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Phone Cover – See products

Straight Talk phone covers come in all shapes, sizes, and varieties, and of course your selection is narrowed down by the model of phone you possess.  If you own a Straight Talk phone, you probably want a phone cover so that your phone lasts you longer.  If you drop the phone, the right cover will keep it nice and new.  If you put your phone in a purse, pocket, or desk drawer, you can be sure that it will be safe if you have a good case on it.  Sometimes it’s the small nicks and cracks that do the most long term damage to your phone.

Perhaps the best place to buy Straight Talk phone covers is online at  First, Amazon has the best selection since you can shop from many different brands of phone cover.  Second, its prices tend to be the lowest.  And third, it’s really easy to compare and contrast the different products in order to find the best deals.

- Samsung r451c Phone Case – see products

See all the Straight Talk phone covers here on Amazon (they should mostly be listed on this page–I made it easy for you!)

You will find Samsung r451c phone covers, Samsung r355c covers, Samsung t401g covers, Nokia E71 covers, Nokia 6790 cases, LG Optimus Black cases, ZTE Merit phone covers and cases, Samsung Proclaim hard covers and cases and even skins and more at the link.  They are priced very well.  If you need other Straight Talk accessories you can find them on Amazon as well.  I don’t shop for covers on eBay as often because they just don’t tend to have the high quality you can buy from Amazon–and often the items are used or damaged.  You can also find Samsung Finesse covers, Straight Talk Android covers, TracFone Straight Talk hard covers, and much more.  For any of the Straight Talk phones, you can probably find at least one or two covers and accessories to add to your phone for protection or just for fun.

Nokia E71 Straight Talk Cases from Amazon

LG Optimus Black Phone Cases

LG Optimus Black is a very popular Android phone that was recently released to Straight Talk.  You can find several very good Optimus black phone covers at Amazon.  See three of the top cases.

ZTE Merit Phone Cases

ZTE Merit is an affordable Android option for the Straight Talk unlimited no contract plan.  You can find ZTE Merit cases and covers at Amazon as well at pretty much bargain basement prices.  See one of the best covers available.

LG Optimus Zip Phone Covers

You cannot as of yet find Optimus Zip covers and cases at Amazon because the phone is quite new.  In fact, it’s the most recent ST phone to be released.  As soon as they become available I will update this post with the top three Optimus Zip phone cases and you can start your search from there.  Any of the Straight Talk android phones you purchase will have cases available online at Amazon.  It’s one of the best places to look for skins and covers that you can find — plus you can find really good deals on these items since the site has really been working hard at upping the games in its cell phone arena.

Get phone covers for the LG Optimus Zip and the Samsung Galaxy S2 online at too.  You can find all the covers for all the phones available from Straight Talk at this site.

One of the best ways to protect your investment in your cell phone is by using a very good hard cover case for you phone — it won’t cost more than $20 and you will protect your investment.

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Straight Talk iPhone 5c Price Drop — Save $150 — Plus More Straight Talk Deals

iphone straight talk prepaid phoneOK, folks, I have a lot for you today. There are at least five more ways to save money on your next Straight Talk cell phone when you read on down this list and check out the latest deals from this company. The most high profile deal is for the iPhone 5c, which has been marked down $150 to $400 for the phone with no contract and with the unlimited prepaid Straight Talk plan. Get this deal at the official website.

Free reconditioned LG 900G or Samsung R375C QWERTY phones when you purchase a one month plan (either $30 or $45)

Free reconditioned Samsung T528G touchscreen with unlimited month talk time plan ($45/month no contract)

LG Optimus Q (Sprint) Android QWERTY slider only $29.99

Samsung Galaxy S III (Verizon) Android phone marked down to $299.99 (save $100)

Apple iPhone 5 16 GB (Verizon) Android phone $400.00 (save $150 — best deal this week!)  Get this deal at

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