TracFone Straight Talk Samsung t528G Available Online

Get a free Straight Talk prepaid phone today at

Straight Talk Wireless has one of the best deals in the phone business right now. Get a free prepaid phone today at

Compare-Straight-Talk-Verizon-Android-phones-LG-Optimus-Zip-vs-Samsung-Galaxy-ProclaimAnother New Phone Release Y’all:  Head on over to Straight Talk’s website and have a look at Straight Talk’s latest release, the BlackBerry Curve device — I really like this phone and at $129 with the unlimited plan, you can’t go wrong.  See all details here.

Also, take a look at the brand new LG Showtime Android (another hot new released) when you’re at the site.  It runs on the unlimited plan like the rest of the android devices on Straight Talk.

Brand New Phone – There is a new phone from Straight Talk Wireless.  It’s called the LG Optimus Quest. It runs Android 2.3, has a 3.5 inch gorilla glass touchscreen, a 4gb microsd card, an 800 mhz processor, and a very cool look.  It’s going for $149.99 right now.  See all details here.


Another new phone — and this is kind of big news — is the BlackBerry Curve.  Yes, folks, this is the first time that Straight Talk has had a Blackberry device on its unlimited prepaid plan.  Yes, this is a big day and a coming together of two great brands.  Learn more at

One of the best deals going right now from Straight Talk is for the Samsung Galaxy Precedent — right now, get this phone for only $69.99, which is a huge savings.  See the deal here.

I also really love the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim, an Android phone that actually runs on the Verizon nationwide network.  It’s a really nice phone and at $149, it’s really well priced.  Get it at

Samsung Galaxy PrecedentSee the latest Straight Talk promo codes to save on the new Android phone.  There are several really good deals that you can take advantage of if you are looking for the following things: no contract phone, unlimited plan, and affordability.  Get all three of the above at

Straight Talk’s touch screen phone, Samsung t528g, is available for purchase online at the brand’s website.  This phone has a nice looking touch screen and allows you to browse the web.  One of the nicest things about the Straight Talk Samsung t528g is the price.  It only costs $99 with no contract.  Another good thing about this phone is that it works with either of the Straight Talk plans–both the unlimited plan or the less expensive All You Need plan ($30 per month), whereas with the four smart phones from Straight Talk you can only use the unlimited galaxy s2

Samsung Galaxy S2 is now available from Straight Talk.  It’s a really nice phone that definitely does not look like your grama’s prepaid phone!

So if you don’t want to use the unlimited plan and don’t want a smart phone, the Samsung t528g is a good option for you.  It not only has a touch screen and browses the web, it also can download apps.

The Nokia E5 smart phone is available online for sale currently, as well as the Nokia E71.  The newest phone is the Android Straight Talk phone, the Samsung Precedent.  Read a review of this phone here.

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Check out the newest phone from Straight Talk, the LG Optimus Extreme, which runs Android 4.0 and has a beautiful touchscreen.  Get this phone or just take a quick peek at it at the official website and find some of the best overall deals in the prepaid phone business at

You’re going to see that you have quite a selection available to you.  In another bit of news, this company now allows the use of the iPhone 5 on its prepaid unlimited phone plan.  It’s a solid phone, as you may have heard, but it’s also quite expensive.  But that’s how it has to be if you aren’t going into a contract.  Personally, I prefer the freedom of prepaid.

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Hot Virgin Mobile Android Deal: LG Optimus Slider (and Samsung GALAXY SII Deal!)

Get the brand new iPhone 6 with an unlimited prepaid phone plan at

virgin mobile codeNew Deals from Virgin –> There’s a new deal for a free $35 credit with any new Virgin Mobile sign up.  Also, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is on sale for $309 for a limited time (it’s a savings of $90).  Get this phone at

Virgin has some incredible deals going on right now — check out the latest prices on the iPhone 5c and others.  The best part about Virgin is its tiered unlimited plans that give you a lot of leeway in how you want your unlimited plan to be and so you don’t overpay.  Get on over to the site and get a great deal on a phone at

Also save 15% on a iPhone 4S 16GB phone from Virgin.  Great deal.  There are a bunch of solid deals at the official website.  Save up to $120 off of a new android phone.

Also save 15% on iPhone 4 8GB.  Another great deal.

virgin mobile one v htc

$50 off the Samsung Galaxy SII 4G –

$40 off the HTC Evo 4G –

25% off the HTC One V (online only) –

25% off the Kyocera Rise V –

$30 off the LG Optimus Elite

$100 of the Motorola Triumph (beautiful phone)

$10 off The Chaser (great deal here — Only $39)

$10 off the Venture (another great little deal — Only $39 –

30% off the Overdrive Pro 3G/4G Mobil Hotspot –

20% off U600 3G/4G USB Stick –

$40 off the Ovation MC760 –

One Day Sale! Right now you can save $100 on the Samsung Galaxy SII Android phone TODAY ONLY.  This deal will only last through the end of today, so if you want to get the lowest possible price on one of the best prepaid phones in the business, head over to right now.


Virgin just added the HTC One V Android phone to its website.  One V is a great addition and is a really good deal at only $199 for this no-contract Android phone.  The phone has a great look and, surprisingly, it runs the latest version of Android (4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich – where do they get these names?), which is very cool.  See if HTC One V is available in your area at

Virgin Mobile’s LG Optimus Slider is available at a hot price at Amazon right now. It is priced at $148, which is $50 less than its normal price of $199. LG Optimus Slider is a very nice entry level Android phone that is quite inexpensive and comes with a 3.2 megapixel camera, 800 mhz processor, and Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Get this phone


More Virgin Deals:

Virgin Mobile HTC Wildfire S Android phone $139.99 plus free shipping (regularly $179.99)

Virgin Mobile LG Optimus Slider Android QWERTY $148.99 and free shipping (regularly $199.99)

Virgin Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8530 $159.88 and free shipping (regularly $199.99)

Virgin Mobile Motorola Triumph Android phone $219.99 plus free shipping (regularly $279.99)

See all current Virgin Mobile phone deals going on right now.

If you’re interested in other providers that are not Virgin Mobile, see the links below:

MetroPCS phone deals

Tracfone Amazon Deals

See all Straight Talk Android Deals

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iPhone 5 Walmart Straight Talk Speed Test

New Phones!  iPhone 6 is now available on Straight Talk’s Unlimited wireless plans. Another cool phone from the competition that is available on Straight Talk Wireless as well is the Samsung Galaxy S4 — its a toss up!  Well, not really. They are both pretty amazing phones! See all details on iPhone 6 for Straight Talk and SG4 for Straight Talk at

Free Phones — See the free phones available right now at the official website.  One of the top deals right now is the Samsung t528g touchscreen phone.  See all of the freebies available in your area at the official site.

Take a look at the iPhone 5 Straight Talk phone available online and at Walmart locations around the country. This is a speed test to show you just how fast this smartphone downloads and processes information. It’s a nice way to see how the phone works in the real world rather than just watching a fake commercial.  Get the brand new iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S3 from this company or see some of the current free cell phone deals or highly discounted smartphone deals available over at

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Straight Talk Motorola Defy XT a Solid Android Option

samsung-galaxy-s3Get your next cell phone for FREE at the official website. See your next cell phone at

Get the brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 android (pictured at left) from Straight Talk Wireless. This newly released phone is probably the best in the prepaid industry right now. See all details on this beautiful phone at

Straight Talk recently released the Motorola Defy XT android smartphone, which is one of the top phones in a really nice android lineup.  Motorola Defy XT has a 3.7 inch touchscree, a 5 mp camera, an additional front facing camera, 3g, wifi, 1 ghz processor, and Bluetooth.  It comes with the Straight Talk Unlimited plan.  See all details and specs at the official website and see an image of this phone below.  Prepaid phones truly have come a long way!

Check for availability in your area

Motorola Defy XT is now available for sale in many parts of the country.  Click the phone image above for more details.  You may also be interested in another new phone — the Samsung Galaxy S2.  See an image of this new phone below or go directly to

samsung galaxy s2I do really like the Motorola Defy XT as a midlevel Android phone with no contract on a solid prepaid plan.  It’s a really decent phone and the price is what really puts this phone on the radar for me.  You can spend twenty bucks less and get the Samsung Proclaim, a Verizon phone that I really like, but my money is on this slightly more expensive phone.  And if you have an extra hundred to burn, my vote would be for the Samsung Galaxy S2, perhaps the best Straight Talk phone yet.  Get this phone at

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