iPhone 6 Plus for Straight Talk Prepaid — $750 With No Contract — Worth It?

Screen shot 2014-11-17 at 10.02.08 PMThe Straight Talk iPhone 6 Plus (16 gb) will cost you $750 brand new with no contract. This is, well, pretty expensive, but if you have the means I do suggest picking one up — you should be hearing this last line in my best “rich person voice.” The truth is iPhone 6 Plus is a really solid phone and one that you might want to take a look at when it’s paired with the Straight Talk Unlimited plan. See all the details on this new phone at StraightTalk.com.

Will there be any Black Friday deals on the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus?  Most likely not since they are such brand new phones.  But you never know.  There could be a great deal or a free month of talk time or some such offer.  Perhaps free shipping is the best we’ll get this holiday season.  We’ll see what happens!  Get over to the site and see all the deals they do have on androids and older iphones.  Go here.

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LG Optimus Net for Net10 Reviews

Net10 has a few really awe inspiring deals for Black Friday 2014.  You can see how low priced the LG Optimus Net and the Samsung Galaxy S3 are over at Net10.com.

Get the best phone from Net10 right now at the official site.  The Samsung Galaxy SII is the best phone from Net10 and in fact it’s one of the best in the prepaid world.  Boasting a 4.3 inch touchscreen, an 8 megapixel camera, a 1.2 ghz processor, and 16 gigabytes of internal memory, Galaxy SII is a beautiful and powerful prepaid phone option–in fact, it really does not seem like a prepaid phone!  See if it’s available at a great price in your area at Net10.com

samsung galaxy s2Update – One of the best current Net10 phone deals running is for the Samsung Precedent Android phone — for $69.99 you can own this phone and you even get a $15 gift certificate as an added bonus.  See all details at Net10.com

If I was going to buy a new Net10 phone today, I would seriously consider the Samsung Galaxy SII, which is one of the better prepaid phones available today.  You can see all the details on what some are calling the best smartphone at Net10.com

Samsung Galaxy SII is one of the best prepaid phones out there right now — take a look at it at Net10.com.

Right now, any Android phone bought from Net10 comes with free overnight shipping.  So if you purchase the LG Optimus Net or LG Oprimus Q, you will get the phone shipped to you immediately and won’t have to pay for it.  This is a good deal.  Buy one of the Android phones at Net10.com

If you’re on the fence about which Net10 Android phone to purchase or if you haven’t even heard of the LG Optimus Net and Q for Net10 prepaid, then this should serve as a brief refresher course on what these phones are all about.  In this first post, I am going to point you to some good reviews of the Net10 LG Optimus Net that I’ve found around the web.  It’s always good to see what other people have to say about the phone especially when they’ve had a chance to actually look at the phone and have it in their hands.

net10 android phone lg optimusLearn more at Net10′s official website

Other Reviews:

Net10 goes upscale: LG Optimus Review at PhoneRevs

Our Review of “Q”

Prepaid Phone Guy talks a little bit about the new Net10 devices

For more information on Net10 and Tracfone phones, check the Turk forums

Net10 Free Phones (this site)

You should also have a look at the Straight Talk Android phones currently available for use with Tracfone Straight Talk Wireless.  The latest phone is LG Optimus Black.  Read about this phone here.  Samsung Precedent, the first of Straight Talk’s android phones is now only $129 for the phone, plus you also get free shipping on android purchases just like with Net10.  NEt10 isn’t the first prepaid company you would expect to have Android phones, but they have three of them right now, and I think it’s clear that they are going to become one of the carriers with the cheapest prepaid androids.  We may see a few more Android devices released by net 10 before the quarter ends.  Be on the look out for hot deals. Motorola Defy XT is another one of these smartphones that Net10 has now made available to its customers. It’s an interesting phone that’s gotten some good feedback.

If you’re looking for an android phone or a more basic type of phone with an unlimited plan, Net10 might be a good place to start.

Net10 has a solid unlimited plan that you can really get for a good deal — it’s only $50 so you can get a contract level plan for less money.


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Nokia 6790 Straight Talk Phone at StraightTalk.com

The Nokia 6790 was one of the better phones Straight Talk released a few years ago.  Before the 6790 and the E71, there weren’t many great phones and there were no smartphones on this company’s roster.  So it was exciting when they added these two phones.  Now, the 6790 is a bit older, but you can find it at the official site right now for a pre Black Friday deal for only $9.99.  That’s a huge deal.  Get this deal at StraightTalk.com.

iphone 4 on virgin mobile

Get the brand new iPhone 6 Plus from Straight Talk with the unlimited plan from Straight Talk.  This is truly one of the best and most game changing phones to come out in recent years.  In fact, is it even a phone?  I’m not sure it is.  I think it’s somewhere between an iPhone and an iPad.  If you haven’t had an iPad yet, this phone might just be what you need!  Get it at StraightTalk.com.


Get the brand new BlackBerry Curve (well, it’s new for Straight Talk!) online at the official website today — at $129, this badboy is not overpriced and is in fact priced to sell.  It runs on the unlimited plan.  Get it today at StraightTalk.com.  (See phone below!)

blackberry-curve-8530-sprint_pdiGet the Nokia 6790 at a very low new price at the official website today — you can’t go wrong when you’re saving this much money.  There are several other nice phones you may want to see too — and another good deal is for Samsung Precedent for only $29 with a month plan — see everything at StraightTalk.com.

* Also have a look at the current crop of free phones you can now get at StraightTalk.com.

Samsung Galaxy PrecedentTwo New Straight Talk Phones: Straight Talk released the LG Optimus Quest Android phone yesterday.  It’s a solid smartphone that costs $149, has a 3.5 inch touchscreen made of gorilla glass, a 5 megapixel camera, and an 800 mghz processor.  It also comes with a 4GB microsd card.  It’s a hot little phone.  The second phone released today is the BlackBerry Curve — and this one is a pretty big deal because it marks the first time Straight Talk has paired a BlackBerry phone with its Unlimited prepaid plan!  See both phone at StraightTalk.com.

I love it when a new high quality prepaid phone becomes available — it gives us prepaid users one more cool option.

Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 2.16.10 PM

Get the Samsung Galaxy Precedent for only $69.99 with a $15 gift certificate today at the official Straight Talk site.  There are two other very cool Android phones on sale at the official website as well.  See all the deals at StraightTalk.com.

Deal Update (6/17/2012) – Today is the last day to get the $20 gift certificate with purchase of the LG Optimus Black Android from StraightTalk.com. Deal ends today so it’s your last chance!

New Straight Talk LG Optimus Black AndroidStraight Talk recently released its third Android phone, the LG Optimus Black, a hot new phone with a 5 megapixel camera, and a full touch screen.  Read more about this phone here or visit StraightTalk.com

Another phone that came out recently is the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Android.  This phone is a really nice phone and at the price of $179, it doesn’t break the bank especially when you consider that it comes with no contract and an unlimited prepaid plan.  By the way, the Proclaim runs on the Verizon network, so if you are in a Verizon friendly area, this phone is the first Straight Talk android phone you can use.  Get this phone or just learn more at StraightTalk.com

If you’re looking for the Nokia 6790 Straight Talk phone, one of the two brand spanking new smart phones released by StraightTalk Wireless, the best place to buy the phone is online at the official website.  I don’t think you can buy the Nokia 6790 (or the Nokia E71) at the Wal-Mart website or even in most stores. Get the Nokia 6790 or one of the Android or other smart phones from the official site right here.

The official website is the best place to look for the 6790 model phone.  I like this phone because it has a nice slide-out feature and an interesting look.  I would say this is a “younger” phone, in other words, it’s more of a phone for a late teenager to young adult just from looking at the style of the phone.

Buy this phone at StraightTalk.com

Nokia 6790 Phone

The Nokia E71 skews a little bit older and has a more professional feel and look.  In fact, it looks more like a BlackBerry, while the Nokia 6790 Straight Talk phone looks more like a T-Mobile Sidekick or similar phone.  If you want a smart phone that can download apps, browse the web, connect via email, and do all the other things you want your phone to do, all while paying prepaid rates ($45 per month for unlimited phone use!), then have a look at these two Nokia smart phones.

nokia 6790 straighttalk

Get the Nokia 6790 3G smart phone at StraightTalk.com

You may also be interested in the newly released Samsung t528g touch screen phone.  With its $99 price tag and the fact that it runs with either of Straight Talk’s two prepaid plans, it might be a good option to at least look at if you’re considering a phone from this company.

Straight Talk Gets Android-Powered

That’s right–you didn’t read it wrong–Straight Talk now has its very own Android phone, the Precedent by Samsung.  It’s a beautiful phone with a lot of great options like downloading apps, managing email, and surfing the web.  Read more.

Samsung t340G is another prepaid phone that is making the rounds right now.  It’s available at a good price online at the official ST website.

More on the Nokia 6790 3G smartphone and see why it might be a good phone or not for you.  The Nokia E71 is back on the official website and costs only $99 for a brand new version of the phone.  This is a good 3G phone that works with the Straight Talk Unlimited plan.  Net10 also has some good phone offers going on right now.  You can currently get two Android Net10 phones with free overnight shipping–both phones are very affordable.  TracFone has some free phones available with different offers. 

Nokia E71 and Nokia 6790 Sales Price

The nokia e71 and 6790 smartphones have been discounted to only $49 for reconditioned versions of these phones.  If you want an affordable prepaid no contract phone with unlimited plan, one of these babies might be your answer.  Maybe you’re traveling somewhere and don’t want to pay roaming charges.  You can pick up one of these phones for the month and pay about $90 for phone and service total, which is not that bad.  The savings compounds the longer you are away from home, since the first month is the only time you have to pay for the phone.  Maybe you’re a cheapskate (who isn’t) and you’d prefer one of the FREE straight Talk phones that are available on the official site.  Last time I checked, there were three phones attached to this offer, so have a look at StraightTalk.com

Free Straight Talk Phones

There are a couple of free phone deals running right now at Straight Talk.  Claim your free phone for one month purchase of talk time at StraightTalk.com

The phones obviously are not going to be the most amazing phones in the world — but they are still phones.  And they are free!  If you don’t want one of these free phones, you can always opt for a higher priced phone — or one that actually has a price I should say.

Yes, the free phone deals are still running, but if you are looking for a better quality phone, you’re going to want to take a look at the android phones available now online or in Walmart locations among others.  Straight Talk does a good job pairing decently high end phones with its unlimited plan.  In another bit of news, it’s interesting that Net10 has also added the iPhone 5 to its roster.

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Prepaid iPhone 5 Available Now from Straight Talk Wireless

iPhone 6 Plus on Prepaid – Did you know that Straight Talk Wireless now has iPhone 6 Plus for sale on its website. If you didn’t know, now you do. See the brand new iconic phone and perhaps the best phone in the business right now over at StraightTalk.com.

samsung-galaxy-siii-straight-talk-wireless-dealGo get your prepaid iPhone 5c today at Straight Talk Wireless, one of the leading prepaid wireless companies, for only $400.  This phone usually costs $550 but has been marked down $150 for a limited time only.  Take advantage of this deal today at the official website — go to StraightTalk.com. The unlimited plan only costs $45 per month, which is at least $20 cheaper than what you would have to spend with Verizon Wireless’ contracts.

New Prepaid Phone Release –> Straight Talk has the beautiful and light weight iPhone 5 on its roster now, which means you can use the iconic and amazingly light and well-designed phone with a super affordable unlimited plan.  See all details on the brand new iPhone 5 for Straight Talk at the official site, StraightTalk.com.

–> In case you’re wondering, the phone at above left is the Samsung Galaxy S3, which is now available with the unlimited prepaid $45 plan from prepaid provider StraightTalk.com.

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S

iPhone 5 Hammer Drop and Knife Scratch Test

iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 (another phone on Straight Talk Wireless now too)

iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 from EverythingApplePro

Samsung Galaxy s3 is now available too at the official Straight Talk Wireless website.  I like the phone and while it may not be as impressive as the iPhone 5, I think there are a lot of people who just prefer the Samsung product to the Apple one.  At any rate, you can find both of them at the site if they are available in your region of the country.

And then there’s this just for fun…

You should also know that you can get some free phones from Straight Talk.  With the purchase of a one month talk time plan from STW, you can get a free Samsung Galaxy Proclaim or a free Nokia E5 right now.  The free phones totally depend on where in the country you are.  If you live in California, you will have a different selection than you will if you live in Alabama.  You will have a different selection in southern California than you will in Northern California.  It’s a mixed bag — check out the site and see.

Good news right folks?  Well if you like nice phones, then it’s good news for all of you out there.  iPhone 5 on the Straight Talk Wireless plan.  Now, it’s been announced that iPhone 5c and 5s are both available on these award winning unlimited plans as well.  All of the details and pricing information are available at the official website.  See all of the details above.

Have you heard of Republic Wireless yet?  This is a wireless company that provides unlimited prepaid service starting at $19 per month.  The most popular plan costs only $25 per month and there is even a plan that only runs at $5 per month and the phones at the Moto X and one more.  They use wifi connectivity to keep the prices low.  See more in an article I wrote about this brand here.

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